Buyer’s Guide to Motorhomes

Traveling around the country in a motorhome is one of the dreams of many Americans. Finally getting the chance to make your dream come true must be very exciting. We are here to make sure you make an informed decision about buying a motorhome. There are many types of vehicles available on the market and it’s easy to make the wrong choice especially if you are buying a second hand one.

Types of motorhomes

Briefly, let’s review what type of motorhome people can buy. Panel van conversions are also known as campervans. The roof is usually replaced with a high-top roof or an elevating one. Next, there are the coachbuilts that start as a cab and chassis to which a caravan body is added. Coaches can be very luxurious and spacious, it all comes down to how much money you have.

There are two more common types of motorhomes, namely RVs (recreational vehicles) and A-class motorhomes. The latter are made of a chassis cowl and a caravan shell added to maximize interior space. RVs are bigger and cost more. The main manufacturers are in America but there are some European models available as well. 

Layout and facilities

Before purchasing a house on wheels, take into account the number of inhabitants and the place where you are going to park it. While a smaller motorhome is easier to park, larger ones offer more interior space which is an essential factor when you travel for long periods of time. Also, take into advantage the season when you will be using the vehicle most. Winter traveling requires several changes regarding water tanks and plumbing while summer traveling requires A/C.

Think about kitchen facilities like cookers, running water, fridge, and microwaves.  Washroom facilities should not be overlooked either: water-flushing toilets and shower cubicles are the most important ones. Next, there is the issue of storage, lounging and sleeping. Ventilation and heating should also be looked at.

Where can you buy a motorhome

If you have enough money, you can buy them directly from dealers. You can browse some local motorhome magazines to find the best ones in your area or you can conduct a Google search based on where you live (for example, Chicago motorhome deals). Second hand motorhomes are easy to find online. You can find them on automobile selling sites in general or on specialized websites that only sell motorhomes.

There also are auctions where you can find some bargains if you know where to look. If you need more information about where to buy a motorhome you can attend shows and special events. Apart from the fact that you can make a purchase there, you will also learn plenty of useful information.

How can you afford a motorhome?

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