Social Services


Working families in many areas of California such as urban centers have a difficult time finding quality housing they can afford.  OHDC is striving to fill this need by constructing and/or rehabilitating properties with these residents in mind.  A place to call home, with amenities that create an environment where families can progress, thrive, and be healthy.

Amenities in family housing often include active playgrounds with child-tested equipment, community learning centers with computers and designed for after-school programs, and adult education. The community learning centers serve the youth with programs that help create a foundation for achieving educational goals and to stimulate young minds.  Community space is also provided for adult programs that foster healthier and productive lifestyles for the family.

OHDC partners with a variety of social and educational groups to create and manage programming for family members and surrounding residents.  Partner organizations include:

* KidsWork
* Lighthouse Ministries-Mariners Church
* Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim
* Boys & Girls Clubs of Imperial Beach
* Friendly Center

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