• Pacific Court Apartments

    Pacific Court Apartments

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA The 48-unit Pacific Court Apartments…

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  • Wilshire/Minnie Apartments

    Wilshire/Minnie Apartments

    SANTA ANA, CA The Wilshire/Minnie Apartments was originally…

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  • Richman Apartments

    Richman Apartments

    FULLERTON, CA Newly remodeled, the 16-unit Richman Court…

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  • Cottonwood Park Apartments

    Cottonwood Park Apartments

    PLACERVILLE, CA Cottonwood Park Apartments consists of 78…

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  • Depot at Santiago

    Depot at Santiago

    SANTA ANA, CA The Depot at Santiago workforce…

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  • Citrus Circle Apartments

    Citrus Circle Apartments

    CORONA, CA Citrus Circle Apartments community,  a new…

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  • Townsend and Raitt Neighborhood

    Townsend and Raitt Neighborhood

    SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA The revitalization of the Townsend…

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  • Serrano Woods

    Serrano Woods

    ORANGE CALIFORNIA The Serrano Woods Apartments consists of…

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  • Buena Vista Apartments

    Buena Vista Apartments

    BUENA VISTA, CA Buena Vista Apartments is a…

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  • Birch, Birch, Bush (BBB) Apartments

    Birch, Birch, Bush (BBB) Apartments

    SANTA ANA, CA The Birch, Birch, Bush (BBBs)…

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  • Citrus Grove Apartments

    Citrus Grove Apartments

    ORANGE, CA Citrus Grove Apartments in the City…

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  • Terraces at Santiago

    Terraces at Santiago

    SANTA ANA, CA Terraces at Santiago is an…

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  • Wildomar Senior Leisure Living

    Wildomar Senior Leisure Living

    WILDOMAR, CA This project consists of 176 units…

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  • Wildomar Assisted Living

    Wildomar Assisted Living

    WILDOMAR, CA Wildomar Assisted Living senior community was…

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  • Villa Paseo

    Villa Paseo

    PASO ROBLES, CA Villa Paseo senior community was…

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  • Placer Village Apartments

    Placer Village Apartments

    PLACERVILLE, CA Placer Village Apartments were completed in…

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  • Bowen Court

    Bowen Court

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA The Bowen Court senior project…

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  • Alice Clark Orange Blossom

    Alice Clark Orange Blossom

    ORANGE, CA Named for community activist Alice Clark,…

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  • Wilson Street

    Wilson Street

    ORANGE, CA The acquisition and renovation of these…

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  • West Hoover Apartments

    West Hoover Apartments

    ORANGE, CA West Hoover Apartments is an acquisition…

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  • Villa Pacifica

    Villa Pacifica

    RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA Villa Pacifica is designed to…

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  • Villa Modena

    Villa Modena

    ORANGE, CA Villa Modena was dedicated in February…

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  • Stonegate Seniors Apartments

    Stonegate Seniors Apartments

    ORANGE, CA Stonegate Senior Apartments is a three-story,…

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  • Santiago Villas

    Santiago Villas

    SANTA ANA, CA Santiago Villas consists of 89…

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  • Rose Street

    Rose Street

    ORANGE, CA This property consists of six two-bedroom/one-bath…

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  • Ross and Durant Apartments

    Ross and Durant Apartments

    SANTA ANA, CA Ross and Durant Apartments are…

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  • Paseo Village

    Paseo Village

    AHAHEIM, CA Located in the South of Romenya…

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  • Parker Street

    Parker Street

    ORANGE, CA A grant from the Orange Redevelopment…

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  • Orange Rotary Senior Plaza

    Orange Rotary Senior Plaza

    ORANGE, CA This six-unit complex for seniors is…

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  • Minnie Street

    Minnie Street

    SANTA ANA, CA Cornerstone Village is located on…

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  • Mesa Family Villas

    Mesa Family Villas

    SAN DIEGO, CA This property was developed to…

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  • Lemon Street Apts.

    Lemon Street Apts.

    ORANGE, CA Lemon Street Apartments in Orange consist…

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  • The Knolls

    The Knolls

    SAN MARCOS, CA Located on a hill in…

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  • Harmony Creek

    Harmony Creek

    ORANGE, CA This 83-unit senior complex consists of…

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  • Garden Court Apartments

    Garden Court Apartments

    SANTA ANA, CA A grant from the City…

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  • Esplanade Apartments

    Esplanade Apartments

    ORANGE,CA Esplanade Apartments was a dilapidated, poorly managed…

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  • El Dorado Apartments

    El Dorado Apartments

    SAN MARCOS, CA When acquired in 1996, the…

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  • Chestnut Place

    Chestnut Place

    ORANGE, CA Chestnut Place, named after community volunteers…

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  • Casa Ramon Apartments

    Casa Ramon Apartments

    ORANGE, CA Casa Ramon Apartments consist of five…

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  • Walnut Court

    Walnut Court

    ORANGE, CA Walnut Apartments were completed in 1994…

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  • 6th Street Apartments

    6th Street Apartments

    SANTA ANA, CA 6th Street Apartments is an…

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  • Adams Street

    Adams Street

    ORANGE, CA Orange Housing Development Corporation acquired and…

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  • Pixley Arms

    Pixley Arms

    ORANGE,CA Pixley Apartments, a senior community, were completed…

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