About Us

Our Mission




Orange Housing Development Corporation is a non-profit founded in 1990 to provide secure, attractive, quality housing for people of low and moderate incomes.

OHDC’s mission is to increase the inventory of affordable housing units in California through strategic alliances and public/private partnerships to help fill the affordable housing void that cannot be filled by the private sector alone.

Designing, developing and managing affordable housing for more than 20 years has provided OHDC with the experience to create projects in uniquely different neighborhoods using multiple funding sources and to meet the needs of local jurisdictions and communities. The goal in all cases is to develop distinctive housing products that blend with and enhance the neighborhoods in which they are located.

OHDC’s asset portfolio includes a variety of properties that the company owns solely as well as projects that its own and operates in partnership with other for-profit entities which have earned reputations of excellence in design, development and management.

Quality Housing







OHDC is committed to providing families and individuals with low- to moderate-priced housing in desirable locations while creating enjoyable and healthy living environments supported by professional management services. OHDC is further committed to the enhancement of communities in which it builds and operates properties through the aesthetic value and economic vitality of its developments, and by its leadership and active participation in community affairs.

OHDC is committed to the long-term financial stability and viability of every one of its projects. Corporate and development decisions are guided by economics without compromising integrity. The goal is to utilize the available funds from both the public and private sectors in the most responsible manner possible and to intelligently leverage funds to obtain maximum quality and production.

OHDC’s ultimate goal is to help people live a better, healthier, more productive life. Our company exists for a single purpose – to improve quality of life by improving the environment.

About Families








Working families in many areas of California such as urban centers have a difficult time finding quality housing they can afford.  OHDC is striving to fill this need by constructing and/or rehabilitating properties with these residents in mind.  A place to call home, with amenities that create an environment where families can progress, thrive, and be healthy.

Amenities in family housing often include active playgrounds with child-tested equipment, community learning centers with computers and designed for after-school programs, and adult education. The community learning centers serve the youth with programs that help create a foundation for achieving educational goals and to stimulate young minds.  Community space is also provided for adult programs that foster healthier and productive lifestyles for the family.

OHDC partners with a variety of social and educational groups to create and manage programming for family members and surrounding residents.  Partner organizations include:

* KidsWork
* Lighthouse Ministries-Mariners Church
* Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim
* Boys & Girls Clubs of Imperial Beach
* Friendly Center

About Senior Living






OHDC’s senior communities are designed for independent living and to attract residents seeking a community of friends with similar interests or privacy to do their own thing. Our senior communities are affordable and designed for active lifestyles and improved quality of life. Many low-income seniors who live in our communities are also close to their families but still maintain their independence.

OHDC properties are professionally landscaped and many of our communities include amenities for active independent living, such as clubhouse/meeting rooms, social gatherings, recreation, and laundry facilities.